Victoria Christmas Gift Show 2009 Gallery

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At this year’s Gift Show in Perks Arena near Tillicum Mall, we saw Christmas gift shoppers of all kinds.  Many people asked why we weren’t selling flowers at our booth, and, to be frank, at this kind of show, we want to show how we are more than just an ordinary florist shop in Victoria.  We have a selection of gifts and useful items that you can use in your home.  Our merchandise goes far beyond fresh red roses and wreaths.  Take, for example, our Christmas ornaments, and our top-selling bag-in-a-strawberry (it looks like a strawberry on the outside, then you unravel it and it turns into a shopping bag!). We also have floral decorated snippers and a heart shaped warm water thermos.  Surprisingly, we completely sold out of our Elvis flip books!

Rob Jennings, President of Jennings Florists, gave a demonstration during the show that was very informative on how to make Christmas flower arrangements.  In one example, he made an arrangement in a mixing bowl, and used two wooden spoons to accent the flowers and winter leaves, so that it could be given as a gift that could be reused in the kitchen.  He also made a table centerpiece using “collars”  – a ring of wire wrappings to help flowers stay straight up in a flower vase.  The collars also make it easy to change the water in the vase because it can be lifted immediately, with all the flowers staying in their place.  Finally, he answered audience questions on things like how to make tulips last longer (you pierce them with a pin!) and the myth-busters about roses and ‘flower food’.