Christmas Catch-22

¬†As I stroll around the big box stores I notice that Halloween is in isle 7 with Christmas just around the corner in isle 8. Long before we’ve put away our shorts and t-shirts, the stores seem to be promoting these holidays. As a shopper it can be frustrating but as a retailer it is really bothersome. You see our suppliers bring in samples of Christmas and Fall items in the late Spring and we retailers have until June to place our orders. The wholesalers then add up all the orders and if there are enough orders for each sample they go ahead and order from the manufacturer. The items that not enough orders were placed for are simply’dropped’. Independent retailers like us start paying for our Christmas stock by the end of the Summer and it begins to arrive in August. We can often ‘sit on’ paid inventory for three to four months before we start to display it. The question then is when is it appropriate to begin creating Christmas displays in retail shops!? For most of us we really like the holiday season and can’t wait to show you the amazing items we have found. So if you peek in my window in early November and see Christmas items remember that they have been waiting to be unveiled since the Summer.