Stunning Wreaths for all Seasons

Wreaths don’t have to be just a Christmas decoration any more. I have fabulous Fall, Spring, Summer and Winter wreath ideas for you.

In the Fall consider buying an inexpensive vine wreath and wiring on tiny bunches of dried leaves, moss and wheat. A wreath does not need a bow for the finishing touch but consider raphia or burlap strips to keep your wreath natural looking. There are wreaths of artificial fall leaves that you can add dried touches to. Consider keeping your wreath asymmetrical rather than perfectly balanced. This will look more natural and less perfect or factory made.

In the Winter try adding frosted branches to your vine wreath. Spray collected branches white or silver. You can even paint pine cones of pieces of cedar for the frosted look. Don’t spray every piece, this will give more texture and depth. Add traditional touches like bells or holly branches as Christmas approaches. If the though of dedicating an afternoon to creating a fresh evergreen wreath from scratch, buy one and add your own touches. Find interesting berries and variegated leaves from the garden and add these instead of traditional holly. Again branches will add contrast to the perfection of a circular wreath. For a special party try arranging fresh flowers in a bridal bouquet holder and wiring these flowers into your creation. People will not be expecting to see fresh flowers in a door wreath and your masterpiece will be remembered. The floral foam in the holder will keep your flowers fresh till the frost  ruins them.  Once the flowers have succumb to the frost simply pull the holder out.

Once Spring begins to arrive try using fresh moss and soft colours. A cluster of moss and twigs can be crafted in to a nest. Put a feather bird in your nest for an unexpected surprise. Try adding some fresh blooms in water vials from the florist. Put flowers in water or use flower stems that easily dry such as heather or statice. At Easter add some plastic eggs to your wreath. As the season changes so should your wreath.  You can even wire in a small flowering potted plant for additional colour. Camouflage the pot with moss or leaves and don’t forget to water. Your wreath does not have to stay up year round but it will certainly attract attention if you keep changing it with the seasons.

Summer brings brighter colours and rising temperatures. Beautiful paper crafted sunflowers with raphia will add colour without having to water. I prefer an artificial flower that has been created out of a natural material because it has less plastic and a more natural appearance. Your wreath will make a better first impression if it looks natural and fresh. Summer is also a great time to change things up. Now is a good time to retire the wreath and hang a beach pail with garden blooms and break with tradition. Test your pail to make sure you won’t receive an unexpected shower every time you open the door. You could also pop a flowering plant in to your pail.

Make every entrance a grand entrance this year !