Birthday flower bouquet

Flowers for Birthdays – a perfect gift!

Surprise someone with the gift of flowers. Ask the Victoria Florist to create something really special, a gift that will truly stand out. Flowers for birthdays shouldn’t look as though they were purchased from the sale bin at the convenience store. There are so many unique wrapping options and gift cards available from The Victoria Florist to customize your gift.

When picking flowers, think about the colours your recipient likes. Do they like scented flowers or is fragrance a problem? Explain to us who the recipient is and how important the gift is. Order ahead and have The Victoria Florist order in special flowers or have us deliver them in a basket with a special bottle of wine. I have created flower arrangements in the shape of a cake or a box of cupcakes.

This is going to be the gift that everyone at the party will be talking about. Creating a gift as unique as the recipient, is a recipe for success. Speaking of recipes, once you have figured out what they like, write it down. You can even ask us to record it and send you a reminder when the birth date is approaching. Browse our gallery for samples of birthday flowers.